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Creekside Keeper: Semi-complete Master Suite

Part of the reason that I am MIA on here is that my spaces are never really finished. Maybe it’s a decorator thing. Maybe I am straight CRAZY. As soon as I think a space is finished, I look at it long enough to decide to change it. Therefore, my house is never blog ready. To keep the crickets from chirping on this space, I am going to reveal our master suite even though it isn’t quite done.

Our bathroom is one of my favorite rooms in this house, with the main reason being that it is flooded with natural light – MY MOST FAVORITE THING EVER. The other reason is my tub. Our last house taught me that a bathtub can be too big. I am fairly petite and didn’t take this into account when purchasing the tub for our last home. I could never comfortably sit up because my feet didn’t touch the end. I basically had to float which isn’t conducive to reading and sipping – two of my favorite bath time activities 😉. Since I am partial to cast iron freestanding tubs and they weigh well over 500 lbs (and our master is on the 2nd floor), I didn’t want to mess it up again. Signature Hardware happened to have a great sale on a tub that met my criteria, and the rest is history!

The elevated back on this tub makes all the difference! Another life saver has been the remote roller shades that my husband installed. I am able to have the blinds down prior to getting in, but can raise them with the remote once I am settled. Who would have thought that bird watching would be another bath time favorite?! Speaking of remote blinds – they are absolutely outrageous if you go through a window treatment shop. Like, jaw dropping expensive. Luckily, I was able to find an affordable (though still an investment) alternative on Amazon that cost a fraction of what I was quoted through Graber. Ours have a white valance that make them disappear into the window trim.

My bath game really stepped up a notch when my sweet husband gifted me this bath tray. There is ample room for a book, phone, bubble bath, water, wine and popcorn. Yes, I have had all of these things on there. Now you understand how a 2 hour bath is possible.

I love the classic, clean combination of chrome and marble. I also love that chrome plumbing fixtures are usually less expensive than their brass or black counterparts! This specific tub faucet cost almost half as much as the polished brass version! Nothing guides my decisions more than good deal!

Even the chrome hardware for our frameless shower was less than some other finish options, so always do your research before committing to a metal finish!

To support a modern and classic feel, I did a wavy handmade look subway tile with a more modern marble look hex floor tile. I am not usually a fan of faux marble tile, but learned my lesson with our last marble shower floor. It held the wet look for hours after showering and always looked a little dingy. This tile is quite believable, holds up to everyday use and blended perfectly with our genuine honed Volakas floor tiles.

Mixing different marble selections can get tricky. To keep things simple and to avoid marble clashes, we went with a honed, off white quartz for the shower seat, shower curb and vanity countertops. Along with this material being an affordable quartz option, it has the most beautiful natural appearance. No shine whatsoever, but not as industrial as a “concrete” quartz gives. My quartz supplier and installer happened to have 2 full slabs of it left over from a project so I was able to snag them for a steal!

Our little bathroom balcony is one of the spaces that I haven’t finished yet. I plan to replace the current bistro chairs with light wood-look wicker furniture that is a little more comfy. Eagerly awaiting a Target patio sale! Speaking of Target, most of the decorative items in this bathroom came from there. I have always been obsessed with their home decor line and then they added a Studio Mcgee line. Now I am poor.

These light fixtures were another steal. I paid $60.00 per light at Pottery Barn Outlet in San Marcos and they retail for $400.00 a piece!

Vanity areas are not the most aesthetically pleasing feature IMO, but I prefer to sit to do my makeup (back in the day when I used to make myself presentable) so not having one was out of the question. We drew less attention to it by making it the same height as the rest of the countertops and did a slight recess to add depth to this verrrrrrrry long vanity.

Since we went with a window rather than a mirror, I use this cute little mirror when applying makeup. Don’t mind the reviews – mine works like a dream.

Though wall mount faucets add complications during construction, they are FABULOUS for high traffic bathrooms. Since they are up on the wall, they rarely get splashed on and smudged, and make wiping down the countertops a BREEZE! These were budget friendly and have been going strong for over a year now!

We used black hardware on the cabinets for a pop against the warm gray paint, but installed chrome latches on the built in medicine cabinets to aide in the “blending in” effect. Even though we have 13 feet of cabinet space, medicine cabinets do a great job of storing overpriced wrinkle creams and such. They were supposed to be painted the same color as the walls to not draw attention to them, but that message got lost in translation with my painter. Some day I will whip out my paint brush and fix it…

Our bedroom is in the middle of our bathroom and closet. We installed pocket doors on both rooms since we planned to keep the doors open at most times to steal the lighting from those rooms. Having the door just go away, is far better than an always ajar standard door. If you are wondering where the throne is, it is hidden in a little toilet room to the right of the door below 😉.

Our bedroom is a room full of deals. Right before the apocalypse, my youngest daughter and I were end rack shopping at Target and came upon this wall art for 50% off. It just so happened to go with the rug that I got at Pottery Barn outlet for 70% off!

These cute tufted leather ottomans also came from PB outlet for a price that would make you jealous.

Do I need to mention where I got the nightstands? I think you get the point. If you haven’t made the trip to Pottery Barn Outlet yet, do yourself a favor and GO! Just save some treasures for me, please.

There are a few bedroom angles that I am hiding from you, as they are a work in progress. My closet is as well, but I’ll let you see where I am at as of now.

Our closet is excessively large. Like, the size of a small bedroom large. I like to think that we don’t stand out in a crowd as tacky, but we are definitely not fashionistas. I wear athleisure 7 days a week, and my husband is a jeans and fishing shirt kind of dude. While we don’t have enough things to fit all these cabinets, there is only so much you can do when working a floor plan. Making the closet this size made our life less complicated during the design process, so we have learned to utilize the space.

The treadmill niche was originally a detail that was strictly there because of an exterior design element (you will see what I am talking about at a later date). I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to style it since it was not a necessary part of the room. I thought about putting a desk in, or making it a sitting area with a couch, but couldn’t pull the trigger on either idea. So, the niche sat empty for a few months. Once Covid rolled in and ruined my gym schedule (along with every other schedule, as we all know), I decided to fill the niche with a treadmill. I struggled with the fact that it wasn’t going to be pretty, but was oh so necessary to fitting exercise in while homeschooling 2 children. While it isn’t pretty, it gets a lot of use which has earned it’s keep! That and I don’t ever want to have to load that thing down the stairs again…

Wall mount fans aren’t necessary in a lot of situations, but made perfect sense in here. It also makes perfect wind while I am working up a sweat!

This ottoman was the perfect size and price for this space! The green velvet makes an appearance in here and in the master bath to give the organic feeling spaces a little touch of glam.

Someday when I get my life more in order, I’ll give you a tour of the other side of the doors. It hasn’t been executed yet, but there is a space inside one of these cabinets for a mini fridge, coffee maker and hopefully a Bartisan. My 2 hour bath hang outs may turn into 3 hour closet hang outs 😜.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend (IT’S ALMOST HERE)!

4 thoughts on “Creekside Keeper: Semi-complete Master Suite

  1. Hi..would you mind sharing with me your light above your tub? It’s exactly what I am looking for. We are renovating our master bathroom now and I also am putting in a freestanding tub. Thank you so much! I love your work!


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