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Belgard Photo Shoot 2.0

Nearly 2 years ago I posted about the Belgard catalog photo shoot that we had at our Creekside Custom (last custom home). Once again, we used Belgard’s beautiful products for all of the hardscapes at our Creekside Keeper (newest custom home). We are honored that they chose to photograph our project again and feature the photos in their latest catalog!

Since Belgard has such a huge variety of BEAUTIFUL products, I spent weeks laboring over what to use for our new home. Our exterior can be described as transitional – a mix of modern and classic elements. There are lots of straight lines on the exterior of our house, so we decided to go with a curved walkway and landscaping beds to soften things up. I really loved some of their modern options, but wanted to choose something that we would be happy with in 10 years. Yes, I said 10 years. We REALLY aren’t moving again! I think… 😉

After much mulling, I decided on the Dublin Cobble in Lueders Gray. The Dublin Cobble is described as distressed, elegant and versatile, and I couldn’t agree more!

Here are the photos from the shoot done by the talented Chipper Hatter:

This photo shoot was somewhat of a miracle. The photographer flies in 2 times a year to do these shoots and he happened to be flying in a few days after all of our grass and plants were installed! Our landscaper DOES NOT MESS AROUND, and hustled the crews to finish everything so that our project could be photographed when the photographer arrived. Though we were in a bit of a time crunch to get everything photo ready, we made it happen! I was literally assembling Adirondack chairs when Chipper arrived to shoot 😅.

It has been nearly a year since these photos were taken, so lots has changed. There was talk of a return shoot when the landscaping matured, so until then I will be exercising my green thumb and crossing my other fingers!

4 thoughts on “Belgard Photo Shoot 2.0

    1. This is kind of a complicated answer. The integral color stucco was supposed to be matched to Sherwin Williams Alabaster, but it ended up being the wrong color. I would say it turned out more like Shoji White. I was unhappy with it and have since had it painted Sherwin Williams Snowbound and it looks great! One of these days I will get around to sharing some updated photos 🙂


    1. Hello and thanks for stopping by! There are many different stucco finishes. We went with a smoother finish. If you are looking to stucco a home, your stucco contractor can provide you with samples before the work begins. I hope this helps. Happy designing!


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