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For the love of a lot.

Before you think it yourself, I’ll start by saying that we are probably a little crazy.

We are finally in a really good place with our ∗once∗ ugly house. It looks great and the to-do list is getting really small. Naturally, you would think that we would embrace the extra free time and smile at the fact that our chaotic, non-stop busy lifestyle is now a thing of the past. Unfortunately for us, this is what non-crazy people do. Since we are crazy, we decided to purchase a lot to build a custom home on and sell our labor of love. In our defense, we were not seeking to move. We really do love our house, and for the time being it is suiting all of our needs. We weren’t certain that we would stay in this home forever, but we knew we were going to be here for a while. That is until we stumbled upon a lot that was for sale in our very neighborhood, just a few streets over from our house.

During the crazy renovation of our current home, back when we thought we would die old and gray here since we had put so much work into it, I told Trent that the only thing that could make me move was if we could live on the street in our neighborhood that backs up to Onion Creek. This street was always the highlight of our neighborhood strolls, and I was constantly breaking neck to try to catch a glimpse of the beautiful view that a few lucky people got to enjoy from their back porches. We did not see owning a home on this street very likely as there are only 3 houses remaining. There used to be 4, but two floods ago the owner of one of the homes decided to take a settlement from FEMA and the house was ultimately bulldozed, and the land is now owned by Travis County.  After the Halloween flood of 2015, a younger couple that had lived through 2 or 3 floods decided to renovate their house for the last time and put it on the market. I got excited when I saw a “For Sale” sign pop up in their yard, but knew that the house was a little out of our price range since it had just been remodeled. Luckily for us, they were also selling a half acre lot that was next to their house. The lot has a gorgeous view of the creek and is home to a beautiful 500 year old oak tree. We quickly pounced on the opportunity,and after months and months and MONTHS of waiting, we finally got the news that they were going to sell the lot to us! We purchased the lot in July and officially broke ground last week. Since we like to do big things in July (bought our first house, got married, had our first baby, bought our second house & bought our lot) we are hoping to move into our Creekside home this July!

It has always been a dream of Trent’s to build a home, so in the near future he can add this to his never ending list of trades :). We know that along with the excitement will come stress and chaos, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

When things get too crazy, I will kick back with a margarita and enjoy the view!


Trent, Conleigh and our nephew Brayden swimming in our creek in August 2016.

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