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Throwback Thursday!

Since it’s Thursday, and cruising by our last house on my way home this morning made me miss our cute old abode, I thought I would take you down memory lane with some before and after pictures of our Running Deer Trail project. People thought we were crazy when we bought that house, but even crazier when we sold it! Sometimes the biggest rewards come from the biggest risks! I like how my sister refers to us as “The good kind of crazy”.  🙂

IMG_608913100 Running Deer Trail-print-008-24-Formal Dining 403-4200x2803-300dpiIMG_610413100 Running Deer Trail-print-012-10-Kitchen and Breakfast 341-4200x2803-300dpiIMG_629513100 Running Deer Trail-print-014-28-Kitchen and Breakfast 344-4200x2803-300dpiIMG_619713100 Running Deer Trail-print-018-15-Living 343-4200x2803-300dpiIMG_629813100 Running Deer Trail-print-017-16-Living 341-4200x2803-300dpiBefore bathroom hall13100 Running Deer Trail-print-020-4-Master 3402-4024x2685-300dpiIMG_620313100 Running Deer Trail-print-021-13-Master 3403-4200x2803-300dpiIMG_615113100 Running Deer Trail-print-022-17-Master 3404-4200x2803-300dpiIMG_553313100 Running Deer Trail-print-029-19-Other Beds and Baths 3663-4200x2803-300dpi

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