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Belgard Photo Shoot 2.0

Nearly 2 years ago I posted about the Belgard catalog photo shoot that we had at our Creekside Custom (last custom home). Once again, we used Belgard's beautiful products for all of the hardscapes at our Creekside Keeper (newest custom home). We are honored that they chose to photograph our project again and feature the… Continue reading Belgard Photo Shoot 2.0

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Creekside Keeper: Semi-complete Master Suite

Part of the reason that I am MIA on here is that my spaces are never really finished. Maybe it's a decorator thing. Maybe I am straight CRAZY. As soon as I think a space is finished, I look at it long enough to decide to change it. Therefore, my house is never blog ready.… Continue reading Creekside Keeper: Semi-complete Master Suite

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Brass Bathroom Fixtures Under $115

Two blogs in two days? WHO AM I? I must have lost my mind. Or my kids 😉. Lots of my client meetings involve picking out plumbing fixtures for bathroom remodels. Often times, they are shocked when I find affordable versions of their original plumbing inspirations. If you stumble upon one of Rejuvination's DROP DEAD… Continue reading Brass Bathroom Fixtures Under $115

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Creekside Keeper: Main Floor Bathroom

I wish I was presenting something a little more exciting than a small bathroom, but small bathroom means small blog. My favorite kind of blog 😉. I keep a tidy house, but it is definitely not photo worthy at any given moment. This bathroom, though... It is basically always photo worthy because it is small… Continue reading Creekside Keeper: Main Floor Bathroom

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Catalog photo shoot!

We worked with an amazing company called Stone Deck Texas, for all of the hardscapes for this house. And let me say, there were LOTS of them. They installed our walkways, stairs, retaining walls, planter beds and pool decking (to perfection, might I add). They work exclusively with Belgard materials, which are some of the… Continue reading Catalog photo shoot!

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Basement Transformation!

For the first year of us living in the house, our basement/garage was a nightmare. And I mean NIGHTMARE! Our foundation is built out of ICF (insulated concrete form) which is basically glorified Styrofoam. It is a fabulous building product, but left uncovered is HIDEOUS. Really, concrete oozing out of Styrofoam walls might be one… Continue reading Basement Transformation!

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Kids Bedrooms

I spent the weekend working on my soon-to-be nephew's nursery, which made me realize that I have yet to show you my girl's rooms! To my kids dismay, I like to design kids bedrooms similar to adult bedrooms: light, airy and minimal, but with a touch of whimsy. If my kids had it their way,… Continue reading Kids Bedrooms

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Creekside Custom: Living Room Reveal

Heyyyyy there! I am back with the loooooong overdue living room reveal! I never imagined that it would take me a year and some change to get around to shooting the living room, but that's how the cookie crumbled. Living rooms in today's open concept floor plans are so much more than JUST the living… Continue reading Creekside Custom: Living Room Reveal