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Kids Bedrooms

I spent the weekend working on my soon-to-be nephew’s nursery, which made me realize that I have yet to show you my girl’s rooms!

To my kids dismay, I like to design kids bedrooms similar to adult bedrooms: light, airy and minimal, but with a touch of whimsy. If my kids had it their way, they would have comforters covered in Disney princesses, rainbow wallpaper and their art creations covering their walls. Unfortunately, they were born to a crazy decorating lady that likes things JUST SO!

As crazy as it sounds, this house was Conleigh’s 3rd house in 3 years! Though she was on her 3rd bedroom, we had a small fortune in lavender room décor so we have carried the lavender and mint theme through all of her rooms. Blynn was not even 2 when we made our move down the hill, so there was no doubt that her room would keep the same pink and gold theme.

Since Conleigh is the big sister, we will start with her modified mint and lavender room. Her walls have always been on the mint spectrum, but I have picked a better shade each time. I designed her first bedroom over 6 years ago, and knew VERY little about paint picking. Like most people, I walked in to home depot, spent 5 minutes looking at swatches, left with a gallon of paint, and went home and slapped it on the walls ( my dad, the professional, actually did the hard work). Once the color was up on the walls, it looked nothing like the swatch or like what a wanted. This is what happens when you are an amateur paint picker. I learned from my mistakes, so with her next room I did more research and actually painted swatches on the wall before fully committing to a color. Sea Salt was the color we chose for her last room. Though I liked it, it was not quite as soft and airy as I wanted. The 3rd time around I found the ULTIMATE soothing mint. Healing Aloe by Benjamin Moore mixed 50% lighter! Healing Aloe at full strength was too much, but cut at 50% created the softest, barely there mint that I am in LOVE with!

Here it is in action!


As per usual, I went with white curtains. Since this is a little girl room, I got a little edgy and went with sheer curtains. I don’t typically care for sheer curtains, but in this situation it seemed perfect! As for the real window coverings, we did inexpensive blackout roller shades. These are a FABULOUS replacement for faux wood blinds! They don’t cost much, they let more natural light through when rolled up and most importantly NEVER, I repeat NEVER need to be dusted!! Need I say more?!?!


I nearly got rid of the custom made pressed tin valance above her bed when we first moved, but we re-arranged her room soon after the move and gave it the perfect home above her head board!



We ended up at Pottery Barn Outlet on the right day a few years ago, and got the cutest lights for their rooms. Since the prices were so good, we got two chandeliers for each girls room. They are on separate switches so at night when we read, we turn on the lavender light for tranquil, dim lighting.

The vanity is an antique that I refinished for Conleigh’s 5th birthday, because every fancy little girl needs a little vanity! 🙂

The framed print was snagged for 5 bucks at a garage sale! I love the subtle pop of color it brings to the room!


Though I love her room, I have been getting the itch for a while to re-do it! Who would have thought?!


Next is the fancy Blynn’s room. Her last pink and gold room had pink walls. While I was happy with the pink that I chose, I didn’t like the feel of the room. This time around, we did soft off white walls with the lightest of light pink paint for her ceiling! Its a very subtle pink touch which was exactly what I was going for! We added a touch more of pink with a super soft pink comforter. Her room is so light, bright and neutral with a girly flair!


Just like Conleigh’s room, Blynn has an off white accent chandelier that we use for bedtime reading.

Also similar to Conleigh’s room, I went with sheer curtains in her room. They are off white and gold shimmer stripes. When I saw them they SCREAMED at me “BLYNN’S ROOM!!”!

Every room needs something vintage, so Blynn got a Mexican rocking chair that I refinished and the cutest little baby bed that I also refinished. When Blynn was about 5 days old, we used the baby bed as a prop for her newborn photos!


Another vintage touch is her French dresser that I refinished in the same color as her ceiling. Vintage furniture is great for many reasons, but the cost is probably the greatest of them all. This beautiful solid wood dresser cost me $75.00! I used a $5.00 pint of sample paint to refinish it and bought inexpensive hardware to give it a modern touch. Statement pieces don’t have to break the bank, people!

As for the collage, if you want to include something like this in one of your spaces, the key is to use an odd number of objects.

If you are wondering what the tacky sun thing is, know that if I have something tacky in a room, it serves a GOOD purpose. This strange looking object lets my early riser know when she can get out of bed by turning bright orange when it is time to get up! LIFE SAVER!


Since Blynn’s curtains are right where her nightstand needed to be, I went with this petite round storage table. An important tip for accent tables that need to “float” in a room is that they should ALWAYS be round. It is strange for a square or rectangular table to be off the wall, but totally acceptable for a round table.


I almost don’t want to share their bathroom with y’all because the pictures don’t do it justice. It is one of two rooms in this house that couldn’t have a window, (it and the laundry closet) which makes it extremely hard to photograph. It kills me to not have a window in every room – mostly because it kills the plants that I try to have in those rooms!

Though the pics don’t make it look very nice, it’s a pretty cute little bathroom!


The inspiration started with this solid wood white vanity with a natural marble top that we got for a great price at Costco!

We continued the marble in the floor with a 2″ hexagon mosaic tile and DeLorean Gray grout. This is a great grout color to use if you are wanting a gray that is not too dark, but also wont show dirt and grime easily.

Like all the other bathrooms in this house, we installed recessed Pottery Barn medicine cabinets. If you don’t like counter top clutter, you need some of these in your life!


Another theme throughout our bathrooms is classic white subway tile. It is inexpensive, attractive, versatile and timeless. Basically, THE PERFECT TILE! My recommendation is always to take the tile to the ceiling. It’s a magical way of “raising the ceiling”!

Do you see those cute little ceramic hanging planters? Let’s just pretend there are some cute little green succulants in them, mmkay? Because THERE WERE. After I watched my small fortune of greenery die a slow death, I have not been able to bring myself to plant anything in them again.


I have a thing with cute little shelves above toilets, and this one seemed to be the PERFECT one for a girls bathroom!


I am not big on written wall art, unless the message speaks to you. “Beautiful girl, you can do amazing things” was talking to me on that Hobby Lobby trip!


The girl’s rooms and this bathroom are one wing of our second story. Our room is the other wing. Someday soon I will share that with you!

I hope everyone has an amazing Sunday, and if you are in Austin, you are enjoying this BEAUTIFUL day!


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