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Creekside Custom Deck Reveal

When the main level of your home is an entire story above the backyard, a big deck is big deal! It is your savior from having to hike down a flight of stairs to enjoy the great outdoors. Said like a true lazy American 🙂 . It also makes a great kid play pen since they are kind of trapped. You must brief them on the dangers of climbing the railing first, of course…

There was a time in the planning of this house that we thought that we couldn’t afford to put a deck on, which we determined to be a deal breaker. We saved money where we could to make the deck a reality. I’m a firm believer in doing things right the first time, so we spent a little more to install Trex Decking rather than traditional wood boards that require upkeep to the stain/paint and will shrink, splinter and rot over time. We carried the tongue and groove cedar soffit from the front porch to the back porch as well. This too was an upgrade, but was a worthwhile feature not only for the look from the deck, but the inside of the house. As for the fans, I searched high and low looking for a black statement fan but nothing seemed to do it for me. That is until I stumbled upon the Hunter Chronicle. It was love at first sight! Unfortunately, this love was hard to get as the black version was on backorder for 3 months. I didn’t want to settle so we had a hot couple of months on the deck when we first moved in. They were worth the wait!DSC_0758

We started out with a not so nice patio set, but scored this Pottery Barn set for a fraction of the retail cost on Craiglist! I had to rub all the wood down with Old English and scrub on the cushions for like 2 hours to get it looking like new, but it was worth the elbow grease! Since adding this comfy sofa, we have spent so much more time lounging out here!


These cute outdoor rugs were purchased at Sam’s Club for $75.00 each! If you are in need of outdoor rugs, I have yet to find a retailer selling this size cheaper than Sam’s!


I had been on the prowl for plaid outdoor pillows for months when I came across these for 90% off the retail price at Pottery Barn Outlet! Most trips to that store aren’t that worth while, but when you find a deal like that it keeps you going back for more!


The lighting makes it hard to see, but the best feature of this deck is the beautiful view of the creek. If you look hard you can see the water.


That unsightly thing hanging in line with the fan is a Sonos. If you done have one, get one. I rarely approve of ugly things in my spaces but when they are enjoyable enough, I’ll let them stick around for a while.


Now can we talk about these AMAZING French bistro head chairs?!? How fun are they?! Some snazzy online sites sell these for like $200 a pop, but I got these on a Target sale for less that $50 per chair!


That’s the deck, people! We are tossing around the idea of tearing out the wooden rails and replacing with seamless glass to enhance the view. I’ll keep you posted! 🙂

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