Day 2: Wallpaper removal, demo & landscaping

So I didn’t meet my goal of completing all the wallpaper removal, but did finish Conleigh’s room with the help of Trent. I will tackle the bathroom and the two rooms with borders today while Trent is busy ripping walls down.

When Trent got home from work he began demoing the panelling in our utility room. While he worked on that I worked on bringing down a jungle. This house was part of an estate sale so by the time we closed on it it had been vacant for months and the landscaping had gotten pretty out of control. The previous owner was elderly so there was also lots of stuff that he probably just couldn’t do. I had requested that Trent bring me some lawn tools so that I could begin clearing out the place. When he arrived I asked for my hedge trimmer so that I could cut down a small bush near the house. I quickly realized that it would take me a decade to cut limbs with a measly hedge trimmer. I informed Trent that we needed something a little more heavy duty which was the moment when he introduced me to the Sawzall. Holy amazingness! Where has this thing been all of my life?! For those of you that have been deprived like me, the Sawzall is a “friendly chainsaw” to quote Trent. Thanks to this beast, I was able to conquer a majorly overgrown area by the pool in about half an hour. The only downside to this thing is that it goes through the battery FAST so you have to have backup batteries on hand. Since my husband is a handyman, he had me covered with two backup batteries!









Today we plan to tear out all of the carpet, tack strip and baseboards and begin demoing the kitchen. Speaking of kitchens, our Ikea kitchen showed up yesterday. All 137 pieces… We’ll discuss that a different day. With alcohol involved :/



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