Day 1: Wallpaper removal.

Never put wallpaper in your home. I repeat, NEVER. That stuff is terrible. I curse the day that the previous owner thought those small flowers and metallic whatever’s would enhance the space. It didn’t. It just made for a really long, messy day of work for me. But hey, I guess that’s what we signed up for.

I spent most of yesterday at Ugly House so that I could make the most of Conleigh’s nap times. The second I put her down I prepared my spraying solution (DIF by Zinsser mixed with water), got my 3″ scraper and got down to business. I started in Conleighs room since it’s the first room that we want to be completed in the house. Her room was by far the hardest, but since I had never removed wallpaper  before I thought it was going pretty smoothly. I worked on it for a total of 3 hours (1 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon) and only completely removed the adhesive and paper from one wall. We decided to sleep here (or should I say roll around on an air mattress all night because those things SUCK) so that we could work into the wee hours of the night. Later in the evening after Conleigh went to bed, we decided to get a change of scenery and move to the entry way. Trent started peeling with his fingers and within moments had the paper part off of an entire wall. Luckily he had already been working on the hard stuff in Conleigh’s room because he would have thought I was a slacker! Everyone that I got insight from on wallpaper removal said that it can be really easy or really hard. That was definitely true in this house.






Luckily our master bath is the only room left in the house that is fully wallpapered. Two of the bedrooms have wallpaper borders which will be a breeze to remove. All the other wallpapered walls in the house are getting torn out so we don’t have to touch them with a scraper! Hopefully by the end of the day all necessary wallpaper will be completely removed. I guess I better get to work.

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