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Study 2.0

I know, I know… You’re thinking: “REALLY, didn’t you JUST show us your study?! Where is the KITCHEN, THE LIVING ROOM, THE BEDROOMS?! Show us something JUICY!!” I get it. I would be wondering the same thing too. I swear, we do have places to cook, hang and sleep – they’re just still in the works. As is everything in the home of Heather Bales. I told you guys, I’m crazy. Like REAL crazy. Our study that I revealed several short months ago was great. There was nothing wrong with it at all. There is in fact something wrong with me. I have a decorating problem. A REAL problem. I change our furniture and décor like a potty training toddler changes undies (A LOT). This would be all fine and dandy if it didn’t drive my husband absolutely bonkers. We now have an agreement – I don’t talk to him about the changes, I just make them. Unless it involves hauling a 500 pound table from the dining room into the study… Then I kind of have to do this desperate beg. He still loves me despite my crazy SELRES_3749c1d6-72d9-404d-ab2f-419fd1c305cfSELRES_bd2021fc-f84e-4860-983b-ca14f0748744decoratingSELRES_bd2021fc-f84e-4860-983b-ca14f0748744SELRES_3749c1d6-72d9-404d-ab2f-419fd1c305cf redecorating antics, so he usually complies.

So, lets get on with it, why don’t we? What started this whole study swap was that I came across the deal of the century one day while online resale shopping (one of my most FAVORITE things ever). This is usually the reason that something changes in our house. I come across a deal far to good to pass up, so I find a way to get it in my life STAT. That usually means getting rid of one thing and adding another, which then starts a vicious (usually HIGHLY REWARDING) cycle of completely changing a room 3 months after you finished it. Catch my drift?

If I haven’t lost you yet, take a peak at the new study!


I was so excited to stumble upon this deer picture at HomeGoods after hunting for deer wall décor for months. Since we have deer running through our property on the daily, it seemed appropriate. I didn’t have a home for it at the time, but I have learned, when something speaks to you, BUY IT! It sat in a coat closet for months because it seemed to be too big or too small for every place I tried it. With my mother in law’s help, we came up with this arrangement (with other items that were stuffed in a closet) and I was sold!


My new desk is actually our old dining table (another fabulous idea of my MIL’s). It may seem a bit large, but is totally conducive to design meetings with clients that are brining in flooring and countertop samples. The surface is big enough to lay things out on and distressed enough to not have to worry about messing anything up.


So, do you see that cabinet??


This HUGE thing right here?! THIS was the steal of the century. This massive, solid wood Four Hands beauty was a whopping $250.00! A deal like that would make you change you room too, right?! This piece solved a big problem that we had. Due to the glass study doors and the study coat closet door, we really had no practical place to put built ins. I was really bummed about this because a study and built ins are like two peas in a pod. This huge cabinet happened to be nearly the perfect length for the room and was only 12″ deep, which made our doors **almost** fully operational. We added the brass hardware and spotlights to give it a custom feel. Decorating it was a real B, but I have finally managed to fill it with random BS that I curse every time I have to move to dust. Though most of the space is not functional, the cabinets below are fabulous for storing unsightly office type stuff.


Not everything in this room is different. The curtains and rods made the cut, along with my chalk/magnet board and our architectural drawings.



As you can see, I have hopped on the Fiddle Leaf Fig bandwagon. I know it is so cliché, but people buy them because they make you HAPPY. That is until you shell out the big bucks on a 5 footer that starts to die a slow death from being left near a drafty door on a 10 degree night. Whoops.


Now that I am done redoing a room that I just did, I am getting SOOOOOO close to being done with the kitchen, dining and living! Check back soon for my big LONNNNNG overdue post on those rooms!


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