Day 3: Demolition! And more wallpaper removal…

Today. Oh, today. I don’t even know where to begin. Today was crazy. This morning Ugly House was a house. By noon it was a dusty hazard zone. Literally. We had a 4 man crew and 3 of us shed blood. I stepped on a board with two nails in it. One shot through the side of my shoe, the other directly in my foot. It hurt. Trent and Mark were victims of flying ceramic tile. Don’t let the amount of blood fool you folks, I really had it the worst 😉



Lesson here is to not wear gym shorts and tennis shoes when performing heavy demolition. Jacob, a recent high school grad that we hired for help, showed up with steel toed boots and jeans and walked away unscathed. Smart kid.

We long exceeded our list of to do’s today thanks to the help of Mark, AKA Demolition Demon. I’ve known Mark for a while but was not aware of his passion for demolition. He came through Ugly House like a wicked tornado. Which in our case was a FABULOUS thing. By 1:00 pm the boys had removed all carpet, pad and tack strip, the drywall from the living room wall that is to be removed, demoed the drop ceiling in the kitchen, removed the kitchen cabinets and countertops and tore up all the ceramic tile in the kitchen and breakfast area. Just a couple of regular badasses, really.










If you look closely at the phot below you will see a snake skin in the insulation. Yucky. Let’s hope he found a prettier house to live in…

Though I mainly cleaned up and did random this and that’s all over the place, I did in fact whack some drywall with a hammer. I feel it’s a bit overrated. Much more entertaining than wallpaper removal which I continued to work on today. And am still not done. Womp Womp. I worked on our master bathroom today. All was well until I removed the first layer of wallpaper and found ANOTHER layer of wallpaper underneath. That’s when I had to go grab a cold one. A definite essential when performing wallpaper removal. Tomorrow I WILL complete the wallpaper removal. I will, I will, I will.

Other things on tomorrow’s agenda include framing 2 new walls, the ceiling in the kitchen and several areas in the addition where we are adding windows and a French door. And I’m sure a little swimming in between 🙂

Here are a few more pics of our progress.




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