Day 4: Wall framing, landscaping and wallpaper removal…

We started the morning by covering the ground cover in the front yard with black plastic. We not only don’t like the look of the ground cover, but it is also infested with Poison Ivy. We plan to leave the plastic there for a few weeks to let the vegetation bake, so that we can more easily pull it up.

Trent completed framing one of the two walls that will make up our new dining room.

Tess, Brayden and Garrett showed up in the afternoon and helped out a ton. Thanks to Garrett, the rooms that had wallpaper borders no longer do! Hallelujah! Tess ripped out the cedar closet in Conleigh’s room and Brayden removed lots of hardware throughout the house.



Brayden was dying to hit a wall so we let him have some fun after all of his hard work.

I worked all morning removing the vines from the trellis around the pool equipment. This looked like such an easy task and proved to be the exact opposite. After having a run in with a wasp and Poison Ivy, I decided to take a break from the great outdoors. Tess helped me complete the job in the afternoon and demoed the rickety, oversized pump surround.



Here we are doing some hardcore demo. Or maybe just hardcore posing 😉

Either way, mission accomplished. Other than those two pesky boards. Those were in there good.

The overgrowth on this tree has been driving me crazy for months so it felt sooooo good to saw it all off! It’s amazing how much more open the yard felt after I was done.


Tomorrow Trent plans to compete the framing in the dining room and begin framing all other necessary areas throughout the house. I will be working on wallpaper. I know, I know… I was supposed to finish that today. And the day before that and so on. If you didn’t know this yet, I am a MAJOR procrastinator. In my defense, the only room left is our bathroom and I have already removed one coat of wallpaper. The first coat is stuck like white on rice and is tearing the life out of me. But I WILL complete it tomorrow (said the procrastinator). Goodnight.

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