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Nameless baby’s nursery reveal!

She may not have a name yet, but she has a pretty room waiting for her! 

Take a peek at our soon-to-be new addition’s gold, grey and pink nursery!


Luckily Baby Sister (as we call her) has a handy dad, otherwise she would not have perfectly spaced gold dots on one of her walls. Trent admitted that the task of evenly spacing the gold dot decals on the wall hurt his brain. Major thinking was involved along with a compass, but as per usual he competed the job flawlessly.  

The paint in this room turned out a wee bit pinker than I had hoped for, but after slapping 4 different sample colors up on the wall I decided to call it a day and pick from one of them. Finding the perfect paint for a room could be a full-time job, and I didn’t want it to become mine so I settled with Island Hopping by Behr. 

We are happy with the outcome of the room and are excited to fill it will a baby! 

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