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Catalog photo shoot!

We worked with an amazing company called Stone Deck Texas, for all of the hardscapes for this house. And let me say, there were LOTS of them. They installed our walkways, stairs, retaining walls, planter beds and pool decking (to perfection, might I add). They work exclusively with Belgard materials, which are some of the most attractive and innovative hardscape materials out there! We were so honored to find out that Belgard chose to feature our house on several pages of their 2019 catalog!

Here are the photos that were taken during the photo shoot!

large front viewfront viewfront side viewfront porch and stepsfront bedfront stepsclose front stepslarge back viewback viewback stepsback retaining wall

Being the terrible blogger that I am, it took me a year to get around to posting about it, but it’s still exciting to us! We were so happy with the way that all of the hardscapes turned out, and are excited to be able to help people with their vision!

Tammy, the wonderful project manager that we worked with from Stonedeck dropped by and brought us a few hard copies of the catalog which inspired me to share our story!

6 thoughts on “Catalog photo shoot!

    1. I am SOOOOO sorry for the delay! I hope this information is still useful. Though we did use the Weston brick, our project manager had the brilliant idea of requesting it not be tumbled for a more modern look. We were so happy with the outcome!


  1. We like the look of your home a lot. What type of siding and who is the manufacture of the siding? We love the vertical and horizontal siding. The porch is awesome!


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