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Creekside Keeper: Main Floor Bathroom

I wish I was presenting something a little more exciting than a small bathroom, but small bathroom means small blog. My favorite kind of blog ๐Ÿ˜‰.

I keep a tidy house, but it is definitely not photo worthy at any given moment. This bathroom, though… It is basically always photo worthy because it is small and my kids tend to not haul their toys and junk into the small bathroom to play. THANK GOODNESS. That is a clean freak’s nightmare.

So anyway, since I am horrible at blogging and fear that I will never get this house revealed, I thought, LET’S START SMALL.

This bathroom is small but mighty, and quite popular around here. It is visible from our living room, is the bathroom that we use most often and the bathroom that our guests (you know, those people that used to come over and hang out and go potty at your house before Corona Virus ruined everything) use. With that being said, it needed to be pretty, have a floor that would stand up to high traffic and a decent amount of storage space. Since there is technically a bedroom on our main floor (we have it set up as a craft room) it needed to be a BATHroom rather than just a powder room.

Without further ado, I present our main floor bathroom:

This bathroom was designed around the arched mirror. I have loved this mirror for years, but never had a reason to buy it until this bathroom!
Wall mounted faucets are the BOMB for high traffic bathrooms. No more cleaning between faucet heads. One simple wipe cleans the countertop!
We ordered the vanity without a top and had our quartz installer fabricate the countertop and this neat backsplash design.
The shower/tub faucet looks expensive and functions like it was expensive but it was NOT!
This built in step stool is amazing! So long are the days of stubbing our toes on bulky step stools that are always in the way.
Step stool aside, this vanity is awesome because it holds a lot while still looking attractive. I was worried about seeing items through the rattan, but you can’t!
You can’t appreciate it from the pictures, but this tile has a pretty crackle detail that makes it look handmade, which it is SO not.

The mirror was technically the first item that I committed to for the design of this bathroom, but the flooring was chosen soon after.

During the construction of this house I probably spent over 30 hours walking the aisles of Floor and Decor. Most trips ended with me empty handed, but my mind was always full of ideas and inspiration. This house was by far my largest tile job, consisting of 5 bathroom floors, 4 shower walls, 1 shower floor, a laundry room floor, and a kitchen and laundry backsplash. Just thinking about all that tile shopping again makes my head spin! Any who, this specific tile spoke to me EVERY time I saw it. I couldn’t decide if it was pretty or ugly, but I thought I would go with my gut! Every time I suggested it to clients (prior to personally installing it) they always turned their noses at it, further affirming my thoughts that it might be ugly ๐Ÿ˜‚. I am so glad that I took a chance on it! It is interesting like a print tile but seems more timeless. And so not ugly! At least I think…

As for the vanity, I was pretty set on finding one that had a built in stool. The only problem is that there are not tons of stock options with this feature. Luckily this one was attractive and didn’t break the bank.

I was dead set on not using any basic white 3×6 subway tile in this house as it was EVERYWHERE in our last house. Don’t get me wrong – there is a reason it was everywhere in our last home. It is cheap and timeless, plain and simple. I was on a tight tile budget for the last house and it definitely got the job done. I vowed to be more creative and take more risks with this house, hence the 3×9 ever so slightly gray subway tile that looks ever so totally white and ever so similar to basic 3×6 white subway tile. Womp womp. Really reinvented the wheel on that one! ๐Ÿ˜œ

Thank you to my dear friend Kari for encouraging me to share my spaces again. I heavily relied on inspiration from others while building our house and want to pay it back by sharing our ideas!

Until my next post (which you know could be a while), happy decorating!

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