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Creekside Custom: Kitchen and Dining Room Reveal

7 months later, here is the kitchen, people!


I fully appreciate kitchens with color and pizazz, but I LOVE a white kitchen! They are always in style and are a wonderful backdrop for changing décor and furnishings. Have I mentioned that I change décor and furnishings A LOT?


Something else I love are ceiling height cabinets. With our 10′ ceilings, we weren’t sure how practical that design detail was. That is until we decided to install a library ladder! Trent built this ladder from a stack of raw White Oak wood! Can you believe that?!


Along with the library ladder, Trent single handedly installed the entire kitchen (with the exception of the countertops)! An even more unbelievable fact is that this is another IKEA kitchen! You should appreciate the fact that he built this kitchen even more knowing that tidbit!


This is our second IKEA kitchen and probably not our last! We are all about the IKEA kitchen (and other things IKEA). Due to the tremendous cost savings of using them, we were able to go all out with our kitchen options including all drawer lowers with hidden drawers, corner carousels, pull out pantries, a cabinet front dishwasher and efficient appliances. If we would have gone with a custom cabinetry company, we would have spent more and gotten way less.


To customize things a little more, Trent built the island with shiplap ends rather than using basic filler panels from Ikea. When you have an opportunity to shiplap, take it!


In an effort to not redo the same kitchen that we had at our last house, we chose a different cabinet door style and went with an artisan style subway tile rather than classic white 3″x6″. It has a ripple effect that makes it look handmade and gives more dimension.


We snagged these pendant lights at the Pottery Barn Outlet in San Marcos for around $80.00 a piece. If you haven’t made a trip down there lately, you are missing out!


The white farmhouse sink from our last house was beautiful as long as you gave it a thorough scrub down 3 times a day. Since they are super costly and hard to keep clean, we opted for a stainless steel sink this time around.


We used all chrome plumbing throughout the house. I love how clean it looks – as long as you keep it clean 😉


Our dining room is one of my favorite rooms in the whole house. We are lucky to have neat views from most of the rooms in our house, but the dining room puts the rest to shame. At any given meal we can see cranes flying over the water and deer running through our backyard. If I was a better photographer I could give you an idea of the view, but that’s not my forte…


Once upon a time not too long ago, I spent FOREVER painting that cabinet gray. It was nearly the death of me and I vowed to NEVER paint it again. As you can see, I did not keep my vow as it is now a lovely shade of Navy. It again took FOREVER, but it gave our kitchen area the pop of color it was needing! Hopefully navy stays cool for a little while…


What do you think?!

Holding out for 7 months creates a bit of a hype, so I hope we didn’t let you down!

Next up will be the living room!


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