Out with the old and in with the new! Or vice versa…

As some of you already know, Trent and I sold our beautiful home and purchased what we like to think of as a diamond in the rough. This has been a bittersweet transaction since we loved our old (new) home but are very excited about our new (old) home. Confusing, right?!

We decided to make the big move when we stumbled upon our new house, which seemed to be everything that we always wanted…other than the fact that it was ugly! The house is a limestone ranch style home that was built in 1974 and has not been updated since circa 1974. It boasts pale blue carpet throughout, laminate wood paneling, and some pretty awful wallpaper. Oh, did I mention pop corn ceilings? In EVERY room… The perks of this home are that it sits on a half acre of land and has a pretty awesome in-ground pool! The perfect place for me to do all my tanning :).

We all know how handy and talented Trent is, so this is really right up his alley. With that being said, Trent will be doing most of the renovations himself so I decided to create this blog to showcase his hard work and to keep everyone that is interested up-to-date on our progress!

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