Getting closer to demo day!

Our pretty home is officially not ours anymore :(. The new buyers closed on our house last week and they are now our landlords for a few weeks. Though it feels strange to be a “renter” in the home that we have spent so much time perfecting over the last 4 years, it is working out to be a pretty sweet deal for us. Their offer included ALL of our curtains and rods, so in exchange we requested to live in Pretty House for a month for free while we perform the really dirty work at Ugly House. Those of you that know me know the blood, sweat and tears that have gone in to dressing the windows in our home, so this was a tough agreement to say the least. We have yet to close on our new home, but are crossing our fingers for Wednesday the 27th. Our lease in Pretty House ends on September 15th so we are hoping to have enough of the renovations completed to be able to move directly from here to there. This has all been a long time coming so we are more than ready to get in there and start tearing things down! Until then, I will try to be patient. Maybe I will kill some time shopping for new curtains…

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