Days 9, 10, 11 & 12: A lot happened!

I am behind! This weekend was a busy one. On Saturday I headed to Dallas to celebrate my sister in-law’s upcoming wedding and had a lot of recovering to do yesterday. I am back to feeling 100% today and our Ugly House is coming up in the world too!

Since I last posted lots has happened around here. We re-ran tons of electrical wiring and installed recessed lighting in the kitchen where the drop ceiling and fluorescent lights used to be. Trent finished all of the framing for the windows and installed the French doors today. With the help of my fabulous father, he hung drywall in the kitchen and the new dining room. I wish I could say that we had paint on the walls but that’s just not the case. The walls underneath the wallpaper and popcorn were in such bad condition that the painters had to spend extra time floating and re-floating and floating some more… Therefore they have yet to begin texturing and painting. We are pretty certain they will begin texturing tomorrow.

Check out how different this place is looking!












Tomorrow Trent plans to finish the remaining drywall hanging, install windows in the living room, install a door between our utility room and kitchen and a door in the master bedroom that will lead to our future patio. Though I never finished packing the kitchen up, I did pack all of the wall art and decor in our downstairs. It’s looking pretty drab around here which is making leaving this place a little easier. One week from today this pretty house will be someone else’s home. Hopefully we have a semi pretty house to move into as well 🙂

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