Day 13: Texture, windows and baseboards!

Today was exciting. For the first time since we laid eyes on this ugly place, I was truly able to see Trent’s vision. I am not great at visualizing things that are not there so this renovation thing has been all about me trusting Trent. Today I was able to get a great idea of what this house is going to look like when we are done with it.

All of the drywall has been hung so every wall is now in. We have almost completely sealed off the house from the addition that is to be demoed as the French doors and (most) windows have been installed. The 2 windows that are left to be installed were special order and we have been awaiting their arrival. They were supposed to come in on September 24th but are ready for pick up tomorrow! The painters completed texturing the bedroom wing of the house and Trent installed new baseboards in the hallway and in most of the bedrooms. He also installed a door between our kitchen and utility room and one in our bedroom that will eventually lead to the patio.









Tomorrow the painters will be working on floating and texturing the main areas of the house. Trent plans to install the two windows in the kitchen and continue working on installing baseboards and moldings. I will continue with the monotonous job of packing. Oh, and chasing around a crazy little toddler!

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