Day 14: What a difference 2 weeks makes.

Everything is coming together. And whew, what a relief. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a few mental freak outs when I saw the shape Ugly House was in after we gutted it’s insides. It was a hot mess. And don’t get me wrong, it still is. This renovation has definitely taught me that nothing happens quite as fast as it should and 1 week really means 2. None the less, it’s starting to look rather awesome. Slowly but surely.

Though our painters produce nice work, I am beginning to question if they are part man, part sloth. They seem to finish half of what they set out to do each day and move slower than molasses. Today they were supposed to have all of the bedrooms painted and begin working on floating and texturing the living room. Unfortunately they only completed painting the bedroom ceilings. And want to put a second coat on them tomorrow. I DON’T THINK SO. Okay, paint rant over.

Trent and a few carpenters that he hired to help out knocked out a smorgasbord of stuff. They added trim to the walls surrounding our dining room, the French doors, the doorway to our hallway and the kitchen door.




They finished installing new baseboards in all of the bedrooms and the bathroom. We went with a rather thick baseboard which I was unsure about in the beginning. We were worried that thick baseboards might make the low ceilings feel even lower. Luckily the salesman at the store we purchased the boards at advised us otherwise because I am LOVING the size we got! They definitely do not make the rooms feel smaller.





They also installed crown molding in Conleigh’s room.


And installed our special order windows in the kitchen. I can’t wait to do dishes with a view :). Once the addition is demoed of course.



Speaking of the addition though, that thing is making for the most perfect storage unit! Once we finish the interior renovations and can move our stuff into the house, we will call Mark over to work his demolition magic on it 😉



Lastly, Trent and my dad hung the old kitchen upper cabinets in the utility room. We brought the doors home to sand down before the painters get to them.



Over here in the air conditioning, packing is coming along smoothly. My mom came over today and helped a lot and Trent’s mom is coming to town this weekend to lend a hand. We are so very lucky to be going through all of this with the help of our awesome families!

Tomorrow Trent plans to rent a sander so that he can prep the floors for the wood installation. I’m crossing my fingers that the painters slap some color on those walls. Here’s to hoping!

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