Days 15-17: Paint and moving.

Today we moved most of our stuff from Pretty House to Ugly House. In the pouring rain. I suppose people that live in Seattle are fully prepared to move a house full of stuff during a down pour, but over here in Austin, that’s just not how we roll. Since it was coming down pretty hard, we decided to make a much needed trip to Lowes to pick a bunch of things that we needed for the house.


Those carts are filled with light fixtures, door knobs, bathroom hardware, cabinet hardware, exterior light fixtures, tile backsplash and other miscellaneous items that will replace their Ugly counterpart. Not pictured is a utility sink to go in our laundry room. This was not originally something that we planned to purchase, but decided to since we will not have a kitchen sink for the first few weeks that we live in the house. Though this was a fun shopping trip, we knew that we were wasting away our big moving day.

Around 2:00 the rain finally let up so we were able to get the show on the road. It stayed dry just long enough for us to unload the first load of stuff. Then it poured AGAIN! I’m hoping rain on moving day is good luck as it is with weddings. Trust me, I know we needed the rain. Our grass looked more like hay than grass. I just wish it would have happened tomorrow. Regardless, we were able to get a lot done. We still need to make another trip tomorrow, but all the big stuff has been moved. Our makeshift storage unit is almost maxed out!


Prior to the move, the painters finally got some paint on our walls. FINALLY. A week and a half after they started working. Sloths, I tell you… Anyways, I am very pleased with the colors that we chose. As my researched told me, Revere Pewter did not let me down!

Conleigh’s room, our bathroom and the guest bathroom are all Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams.




The rest of the house will be Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. Since our painters are slow, only our bedroom, the office, guest bedroom and hallway are currently that color.




Though we don't have floors installed yet, Trent did go to pick them up. 3 times that is… We purchased the floors through one of Trent's flooring subs in order to get a good deal. We ordered them about a month ago and got the call that they were in and ready for pick up. Yay! Or so I thought. Trent borrowed my dads truck and trailer in preparation to haul them home. He gassed up and headed to North Austin only to be told upon arrival that our floors had been shipped to the Dallas location rather than to Austin. Womp Womp. We were disappointed that time had been wasted, but were relieved that they could have them in Austin the following day. The next day when Trent arrived to pick them up he realized that they were 3"-5"-7" combination boards rather than the 5" boards that we had ordered. Unbelievable, right?! When he informed the salesman of this, he notified Trent that they don't even make the wood we ordered in a 5" wide panel. At this point I was kind of glad that there was a mix up. When we first looked at flooring samples I was drawn to the wider plank boards, but convinced myself to go with 5" boards out of fear that the wider planks were too trendy. I wasn't really happy with my decision but made it by convincing myself that it was the safer route. Safe or not, I ultimately liked the look of the 7" board so that was what we decided to go with. And sure enough, on the 3rd trip to North Austin Trent left with flooring. And a LOT of it!

Trent laid some of the flooring out to get a feel for how it will look once it’s installed. I can’t wait to see it throughout the house!



We originally planned to go with a darker color but ultimately decided against it since we knew it would be hard to keep clean. Also, this house does not get tons of natural light which can make floors seem darker. Or so I’ve read…

Trent installed the crystal chandelier in our bedroom and it looks BEAUTIFUL! He even loved it! Toot toot! That’s me blowing my own DIY WIN horn! 🙂



He also installed the white chandelier in Conleigh’s room. It looks FANTASTIC but did not turn on when he flipped the switch :(. Luckily he is pretty handy so I’m hoping he can bring it back to life. I’m guessing it had a heart attack from its extreme makeover.


Tomorrow we will complete our move and Trent will begin leveling the floor so that he can start installing our wood!

Until then, we will camp out on our bedroom floor.


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