Days 18 & 19: Move is done and we are homeless.

We concluded our move Sunday evening and said our final fair wells to Pretty House. Though I will miss that house, seeing it empty was a beautiful sight. It’s safe to say that we were a little optimistic about how long moving takes. In our defense, it has been over 4 years since we have moved and we have never moved from a house. Houses hold LOTS of stuff. What I thought would take 2 trips ended up taking 6 trips with a big truck and an 18′ trailer. Holy bejesus, I am glad that’s over. For now that is… Since the house is floor-less and we had to move all of our belongings into the addition, we will essentially be moving twice when it’s all said and done.

On the bright side of life, we are doing pretty good for being homeless. My parents took us in and Filet Mignon is on the menu this week. We planned to only be here for a week or two, but may be reconsidering that 😉

On another note, remember that black plastic that we encapsulated the ground cover in the front yard with? The plastic that Trent spent sixty bucks on at Home Depot? The plastic that took forever to perfectly drape across that green devil of a landscape? That plastic that was supposed to fry the life out of what was beneath it? Here’s a photo to refresh your memory:

Well folks, I am here to tell you that that black plastic was an EPIC FAIL. You can’t win em’ all I guess… We decided to throw in the towel and rip the plastic up on Sunday after we peeked under and saw the Jasmine looking better than ever. That was when we decided to bring the weed eater into the mix.


Trent had the first go at it which enticed me to get in there and shred the life out of it. It was a messy job, but I love weed eating! You wouldn’t believe the amount of creepy crawlers that were residing in there that I chopped into smithereens. Exterminating was almost as fulfilling as removing the hideous vegetation. Trent quickly reminded me that we had bigger fish to fry at the moment and needed to get back to unpacking. Me being the good wife that I am, hung up my safety glasses and complied. Though only a fraction of the job was completed, I can already imagine how much better the place will look once that crap is gone!




We set up some of our plants in an attempt to make the neighbors not hate us. After all, we do have a massive dumpster in our yard and a mutilated lawn.


I didn’t make it over to the house today as I am currently residing in the sticks, but I am told the painters put a second coat on the walls of the bedroom wing of the house. I bet they arm wrestled all day…

My hard working hubby went straight to the house today after work to begin leveling the floor. He was able to patch all low areas in the bedroom wing and thinks he can start laying floors tomorrow! Hopefully tomorrow I have pictures of beautiful wood to show you 🙂

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