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Siding and then some!

Lots has happened at our Creekside home since my last framing post. Days where there is no one working at our house are few and far between. Trent has scheduling down to an art, hence why our house is coming along so quickly!

Our plumbers began a few weeks ago and have completed the rough in, so all of our pipes are in place. They would have finished sooner but we lost a week of work due to a Travis County “Stop Work Order” that was placed on our property. Apparently one of our friendly neighbors got peeved about a piece of trash that blew into their yard (*Insert rolling eyes emoji*) and decided to make a complaint to the county rather than strolling over to our house and discussing the matter with us. Luckily, at this point we were ahead of schedule so the losing a week didn’t hurt much.

Our HVAC contractors worked for several days installing all of our duct work throughout the house. Though HVAC work isn’t a very exciting phase of homebuilding, I will be very thankful for their hard work when we move in and it’s 110 degrees outside. Gotta love summertime in Texas!

Our siding contractors have installed all of our siding and exterior trim, and the roof is prepped and ready for the shingles and metal. As some of you know, we had our roof at our “Ugly House” replaced within the last year. We are happy with the look of our existing roof so we decided to use “Black Walnut” by Tamko for the main roof at our new house. It’s a primarily black roof with bronze and gray variation mixed in. Our porch, deck and accent roofs over the windows will be black metal. If the budget would have allowed for it, our entire roof would be black metal. As for our siding, we chose a low profile, smooth finish, hardy-type board. To go along with the Modern Farmhouse look, we chose to do horizontal siding on the basement and 1st floor and vertical board and batten on the 2nd floor. When the time comes, we plan to have our painters cover ALL of it in white paint!

This past weekend my cousin who is a master electrician, 2 of his employees and Trent nearly wired our ENTIRE house! They worked from sun up to down Saturday and Sunday and finished everything with the exception of a few things on the basement level. Since they got so much done so quickly, we will now be ready for the spray foam insulation and drywall next week!

Before I bombard you with a bunch of photos of the inside of our house, here is our floorplan to help you visualize where the rooms are.

IMG_9863 (2)IMG_9864 (2)IMG_9865 (2)

As I have stated before, our house is not your typical home since we needed a basement with a garage in it to elevate our livable square footage out of the 100 year flood plain.  Try as we may, we had zero luck finding an existing floor plan to build our house with. With that being said, Trent designed our floorplan from scratch. I’m sure you are rolling your eyes at the fact that along with his many other skills, he is basically an architect too ;). Though Trent had the inside figured out, we did consult with an architect for 3 hours to finalize the floor plan and to figure out an exterior elevation. Luckily the architect that we met with was a bad ass and got us what we needed in 3 hours because he was $175.00 PER hour!

Now that you have a better idea of the layout of our house, here are some photos of where we are at!FullSizeRender[3268]


Study directly off entryway
Living room view from entryway
Kitchen is on the left with the 2 windows – dining room has large window
View of the dining room from the kitchen
Living room view from the kitchen
Deck view from dining room
Deck view from dining room
View of part of the kitchen, study and entryway from the living room
Downstairs bathroom
First floor bonus room
Guest Bedroom
View of downstairs from the bridge
View of the living room from the bridge
Hall looking into the master bedroom
master bedroom

Master bedroom
Master bathroom


Master bath with view of toilet room and master closet

Vanity area
Pedestal tub area
Double shower will be in the left corner
Toilet room

Master Closet

Master closet
Hallway view from master bedroom

Laundry Closet

Back view
We have come a long way from that pile of Styrofoam that we started with! Our exterior paint, spray foam insulation and drywall should all begin within the next week. As for my schedule, I am currently working on finalizing our interior/exterior paint scheme. Hopefully the next time I post I am sharing photos of our White House!



2 thoughts on “Siding and then some!

    1. They were actually the most affordable (cheap) Jeldwen windows that were offered at the time. We mulled them together to make them look like the big, expensive windows that they weren’t 😉


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