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We’ve been framed!

That’s right people, we’ve been framed! The good kind of framed. The kind where this thing we call a lot, turned into this thing that we now call a house! The plans that I have seen on paper, but not really been able to see since my mind does not work the way that Trent’s does , have come to life! The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of nails, boards and hardworking men. I was told that framing was a quick process, but really didn’t comprehend that in less than two weeks we would have all the ‘bones’ of our house in place. These guys work from 7:00 to 7:00 some days, so it’s no wonder that they can whip these things out like they do!

I lost track of what happened on what days, but here are photos from the 2 weeks of framing:

IMG_9523IMG_4266.JPGIMG_9551IMG_9579IMG_9580IMG_9603 - CopyIMG_9619IMG_9604

Back view

IMG_9608 - CopyIMG_9622

Back view


IMG_9610 - CopyIMG_9609 - CopyIMG_9625

Now you can finally see where we are going with this thing!

One of Trent’s main concerns with this house was that it was going to look way too high off the ground. His mind was put to ease when he was finished installing the French Drain and was able to backfill the huge mounds of rock and soil that were piled HIGH in our front yard. Our house does look high when you compare it to our neighbors, but the height will be well worth it when the creek starts rising.

As for the exterior style, we decided to go with a modern farmhouse look for several reasons. Reason number 1 is obvious – it’s all the rage right now. I’m not a huge fan of on jumping on bandwagons, but this is one that I really couldn’t stay off of. My parents built their own house many moons ago (like REALLY built their own house –  just the two of them, hammers, nails and handsaws) and it is a farmhouse boasting solid wood siding, a big wood porch, a metal roof and ALL the shiplap you can imagine inside. I feel like growing up in this type of home makes me partial to it. Reason number 2 is that the minimalistic style of a farmhouse makes it WAY more affordable to build than something like a Victorian style home with tons of intricate details and trim.

I haven’t had a good chance to get photos from the interior as it is generally filled with men throwing boards and tightrope walking on beams 20 feet in the air, but we were able to get a few of our newly installed stairs and the wall of windows in our living room.IMG_9624IMG_9621

Our big thing with this house was windows. Windows, windows and more windows. We put a window pretty much everywhere that we could that wouldn’t jeopardize being able to furnish a room. I LOVE natural light and we really wanted to showcase the beautiful view of the creek. The photo above doesn’t show it as this was taken from the second floor looking down, but when you are standing in our living room the entire view is of the creek. Speaking of windows, we decided to go with white windows. My original vision was for all white painted siding with black windows, but I quickly decided that I only liked the look of black windows from the outside. The thought of black windows on the interior really messed up my light and bright vision. There are companies that make two toned windows but they were almost 2 times the price! We still plan to paint our siding white, but are going to get our black accent from the roof rather than the windows.

Tons is happening over the next week including plumbing, siding and roofing. I will plan on posting again soon with a full interior tour along with our other new additions!

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