Gross garage out, glam garage in!

With our house going on the market within the next couple of weeks, it’s been getting down and dirty over at the Bales residence. We finally had the last ugly part of this house de-uglyfied last weekend. It’s safe to say that our garage was a HOT mess. Literally. It had ugly blue walls, ugly popcorn ceilings, ugly worn paint on the floor and the drywall was bowing and sagging in more places than not. The garage was in desperate need of an overhaul. Since Trent lives at our new house 😜 and I am busy managing toddlers, we hired help for this project.

Here is the garage before:

BLEH! I absolutely hated our garage. The remaining paint on the garage floor was so poorly attached that it would stick to your feet if you walked on it. I cringed at the thought of bare feet walking on it and then entering our house 😖. These pictures don’t really show the nasty popcorn ceilings, but I am sure you can imagine the ugliness.

The painters started by scraping that filth from the ceiling. After that, they spent LOTS of time taping and floating all of the messed up drywall. Next, they textured and sprayed the walls and ceilings a neutral gray. Lastly, they painted the built ins and rolled the floor with concrete floor paint.

Here are some pictures of the progress:

They worked all day Saturday and Sunday, and when they were done our garage looked like this:

I never thought I would be saying this, but our garage is pretty! This transformation is a little bittersweet considering we will only get to enjoy it for a short while as we are hoping (ALL FINGERS CROSSED) that our house sells quickly.

Hopefully a pretty garage is the cherry on top for our potential buyers!

On another note, our Creekside House is almost done being framed! An update on that is coming soon!

Happy Friday!!


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