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Bye bye dirt, hello concrete!

In the last post, Trent had just completed pouring concrete in our ICF basement/foundation walls. Since then, lots more concrete happened. I mean LOTS. Like 6 of those swirling trucks full. I am glad to say that Trent handed this job over to Chacho, our concrete guy. From what I hear, he is THE man when it comes to concrete. Thanks to Chacho and his crew, we now have a driveway, basement/garage floors, and our lower level porch! It’s been nice being able to pull into our future garage and having a level surface that the kids can safely run around on when we visit the property.

Here are pictures of our property as of yesterday:

Driveway to side entry garage
Enter a caption


Storage room
Our stairway is the door on the left.
Basement bathroom
Garage view from the game room/bonus room.
Game room view from the porch
Lower level porch


View from the lower level porch

Along with having the concrete poured, we also had waterproofing installed along the front and left side of the basement. Since the entire front and a large portion of the left side of our basement will be underground, it was very important to have waterproofing installed to decrease the chances of moisture getting into the house. The waterproofing was completed today, so now Trent will begin installing our French drain. This is another necessity since a large portion of our garage/basement is underground.


Big news is that the framers will begin TOMORROW! This is exciting as our “lot”, as we still refer to it as, will soon look a lot like a HOME!

While Trent is doing hard labor at the new home, I will be doing hard thinking to try to figure out what I want the inside of this house to look like. We are a few months away from move in and I still have not picked out ANY finishes. Once I pick out the wood floors, I am hoping that I will have more of a vision. Until then, these eyes will be glued to pinterest. Wish me luck!



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