Day 8: Popcorn is gone, chandelier is done and window framing has begun!

The popcorn is gone, the popcorn is gone, the popcorn is GONE! This might be an emergency at the movies, but as far as this house is concerned it is the best thing EVER!!! The house still looks pretty unhouse-ish, but it seriously looks worlds better now that the popcorn has been removed.











Tomorrow the painters plan to tape and float the living room, sand all areas that were completed today and hopefully begin spraying texture throughout the house.

While the painters were busy throwing putty on the walls at Ugly House, I was diligently working on the crystal chandelier. After a few more coats of silver spray paint, some nail polish touch ups and pain in the ass crystal hanging, I was finally done! And it looks fantastic! Luckily it turned out great. I don’t know that I would be here to tell the story had it have not :/



Trent spent another full evening at Ugly House. Tonight he was able to frame 2 of 3 windows and finalized some framing in the kitchen. He was so busy he forgot to take pictures :). Tomorrow he hopes to complete the framing for the remaining window and our French doors (and take pictures, of course).

Now that my chandelier charades are over I can focus my efforts on packing. I began packing up our kitchen today and it was so not fun. Hopefully I can convince myself to finish it tomorrow.

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