Day 7: The stress has arrived.

I surprised myself with how easy going I have been about this whole move/remodel. I am not always the most easy going person and tend to stress out about things, but this adventure had yet to really rattle me. Until today that is. I was talking with a neighbor and mentioned that we were moving on the 15th, which was when she informed me that the 15th was right around the corner. As a stay at home mom it is not uncommon for me to not know the date. Sometimes even remotely. I know that sounds bad, but Conleigh doesn’t have an appointment filled schedule so it’s easy to lose track. It’s usually not a big deal but today it was a BIG deal. We have one box packed. One box in this fully furnished, 1,800 square foot home. Not only have we failed to pack, our Ugly House still looks like an ugly construction zone! Aye yai yai.

Anyways, before this crisis occurred to me, I wasted the day away working on my chandelier project. How silly of me… I spent nearly 2 nap hours painting the gold rods that connect EVERY SINGLE crystal together with silver nail polish. Can you say crazy lady?! I know, and I should have been packing. I have never been the best at prioritizing. None the less, the chandelier is looking awesome. Not completed yet, but AWESOME. My productivity was slowed down when the nail polish started drying up. I suppose the folks over at Sally Hansen didn’t make it to last for 2 consecutive hours of use.



Though I hit some road blocks with the crystal chandelier, the other one is finished and I am loving it!



I plan to complete the crystal chandelier tomorrow as the lighting in our garage is very poor at night.

I didn’t make it to Ugly House today but Trent said that the painters removed almost all of the popcorn. It must look a thousand times better already. Trent spent most of the evening tearing out baseboards and getting the house 100% paint ready. He began some of the framing for the new wall of windows and doors but hopes to spend most of tomorrow on that task. My goal for tomorrow is to complete the crystal chandelier and to quit being in denial about this move and get some stuff packed! But first, sleep.

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