Day 6: Not too much happened on day 6.

The title pretty much says it all, but I didn’t want to slack on my daily updates.

I “worked” from home today jazzing up 2 chandeliers that I brought home from Ugly House yesterday. As you can see, they were pretty ugly to begin with but had potential.


I removed the shades from the top one and sprayed it with a matte white paint. I plant to hang this one in Conleigh’s room since her current chandelier sold with the house. I sprayed the chandelier with crystals a metallic silver color. I had to remove all of the strings of crystals before I was able to begin spraying. This took FOREVER. They needed a bath anyway though, so I soaked them in some soapy water. I am currently brainstorming how to get the metal on the crystal strings silver without painting the crystals. This may end up being more trouble than it is worth. If it’s a success, I plan to hang this one in our bedroom. And by “I”, of course I mean Trent.




By tomorrow I should have some completion photos for you!

Trent worked all evening at Ugly House, cleaning and moving all of his tools to the garage. There was wood, trash, ladders and expensive tools COVERING the floor prior to this evening. Since the painters are coming in tomorrow to begin scraping popcorn and taping and floating drywall, it was absolutely necessary that we got the place in order.

On another note, the photo below is of a 400 square foot addition that we plan to demo. The addition was not built properly and we feel it adds no value to the home. We are going to install several windows and a set of French Doors on the new wall that will become our exterior wall. Trent plans to begin the framing for these windows and doors tomorrow after work.

For your sake and mine, hopefully tomorrow is a little more action packed 😉

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