Days 23-25: Floors!

We have floors, people! Not dusty concrete floors; wood floors. And they are pretty! Dusty, but pretty!

Trent, a helpful carpenter named Ramon and my dad all had a hand in the flooring installation this weekend. From what I am told, this is NOT a single man job.

We chose to install engineered hardwoods throughout the entire house. I read that laying the same flooring throughout the house makes the space feel bigger and more open. So since I read it on the internet, that’s what we decided to do. We chose engineered flooring as it is more affordable and durable than hardwoods. We also chose to glue them to the concrete rather than floating them. This makes the floor feel much more solid, but also makes a big, sticky mess. Hence the need for at least a two man crew. One deals with the glue and one cuts and lays the wood. I am responsible for getting the glue off the clothes once Trent arrives home. AKA laundry. It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it.

Though we did not meet the goal of completing the bedroom wing, we got pretty darn close. The hallway and 3 of the 4 bedrooms are done!

Here is our room:



Conleigh’s room:


The hallway:

And our cute little baby being Daddy’s helper. Or distracter…


Since floor installation is a pretty time consuming project, Trent plans to resume next weekend. We are hoping at that point enough floors will be down that we can move in and start enjoying the place. A pool in the Texas summer should be getting WAY more action than ours is. I guess we’ll have to make up for the lost time next summer. That’s definitely a job I’m up for :).

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