Day 26: Floor prep in common areas.

Last night Trent and I had a very late night at the house. We started the evening by renting a floor sander from Home Depot. For a few hours Trent sanded, and sanded, and re-sanded the living room, dining room and kitchen.

I followed behind him and swept up the mess. He offered to let me have a run with the sander, but I am rather fond of cleaning so I stuck with that. He brought home this stuff called sweeping compound that is the BOMB. It’s apparently known to the state of California to cause cancer, but we are in Texas, Y’all.

You sprinkle it all over the floor after sanding and it helps lift the dust and eliminates dust clouds from forming while sweeping. This is very necessary when you are sweeping mass amounts of fine dust. Though it seems counterproductive to dump this mystery substance all over the floor that you are trying to clean, it works like a charm.

Once we were done sanding and sweeping, Trent mopped the floor with simple green. Since we are gluing the floors down, we needed to remove as much dust as possible so that the glue will stick to the concrete. We are also trying to get the place clean enough to where we can start moving stuff into the finished bedrooms and start living there. Though it won’t pass the white glove test, it is WAY cleaner than it was!


Now that the painters are done and all their equipment has been moved out, it’s easier to get an idea of what the spaces are like.








A few days ago we replaced all of the brass door knobs with new brushed nickel knobs.

We are also in the process of replacing all the dingy old switches with these pretty white ones. It’s funny how I didn’t appreciate the little things like this in our old, brand new home.

Since the wood glue is all dry, we were able to remove the tape from the floors and clean them off a bit. They are looking good! Trent also got Conleigh’s chandelier working as you can see below. We are going to install a dimmer on it because that thing is BRIGHT!


Tonight we plan to paint some quarter round molding that still needs to be installed throughout the bedroom wing. We also hope to get the place spick and span so that we can let our little one enjoy her new home :).

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