Fixer upper

Days 32-34: Kitchen commencement and decorating deliberation.

We FINALLY started making some sense of the 100+ cardboard boxes that will make up our future kitchen. Over a month ago all of those boxes were delivered to us and unloaded in our garage where they have sat untouched collecting dust. We knew we wouldn’t get to the kitchen prior to October, but purchased when we did to cash in on a big sale. As stated before, we decided to purchase our kitchen from Ikea. I know what your thinking. Trust me, when Trent presented the idea to me originally, I was thinking the same thing. That is until we priced out other kitchens and compared the quality. Ikea sells a good product that looks great and is priced right. Not to mention, all cabinetry is backed by a 30 year warranty. If anyone is mad that our cabinets need to be replaced after 30 years, they’ve got problems. Home Depot’s one option within the ikea price range was so ugly and basic that it sealed the deal on our Ikea decision. The only problem with the Ikea kitchen is that you have to put it together. Like EVERYTHING. Or you could pay someone to do, but that’s just crazy. Especially when your husband is as handy as mine :).

The first step in the kitchen installation process is sorting your pieces. This is to determine which pieces go with each other and that everything was in fact delivered. Luckily for us, not a single piece was missing! We were also lucky that Trent’s sister’s boyfriend, Oliver, was in town to help! Let me tell you, that is another handy man to have around!


Conleigh is pretty handy too.

Once they sorted alllllll of those pieces, they had to alllllll be put back in the garage. Seems like a waste of time but is a very necessary step, I’m told. I’ve been making Trent hang curtain rods all over the house so he hasn’t been able to work on the kitchen much, but has begun building a few cabinets. Curtains before kitchen might sound crazy to some of you but I. LOVE. CURTAINS.

Here are some of the cabinet bases:

The big thing is part of our pantry.

Trent and Oliver brought our new fridge in and hooked it up. Prior to this we have been using the fridge that came with the house. It’s a decent fridge but it’s in the “storage” so it wasn’t easy to get to. Though our new fridge is not set up in the kitchen yet, it’s quite the upgrade!





Though I had to order and return two different sets of counter stools, I am happy to say that the third set was a charm! Like most of my other home decor, I ordered these stools from Target. Trent and Conleigh have reported that they were a breeze to assemble :).




In the photo below, they are configured where our future bar will be.


As per usual, I had a hard time deciding on curtains for our living room. I have been keeping my eyes peeled for a while with no luck. I knew I wanted something light and airy, but couldn’t seem to settle for plain white. I originally visioned geometric curtains but ultimately decided against them since I purchased a geometric rug for the living room. I realized sometime last week that my usual curtain dealer, Target, had nothing to offer me. Target is my go-to for EVERYTHING so I really didn’t know where to turn. Just as I was feeling hopeless and helpless, I headed to to Bed Bath and Beyond and stumbled upon just what I was looking for! Light and airy with a little pizzazz!



If you live in a home with low ceilings, definitely consider purchasing longer drapes and hanging them from floor to ceiling. It’s amazing how much it can help elongate a room.

Another perk of the living room curtains is that they coordinated well with the curtains that I already purchased for the dining room. These were a no brainer at a whopping $6.50 for the SET. Thanks, ROSS.


Though Trent hung the curtain rods in the living room and dining room, I am proud to say that I hung them in our bedroom and in the guest room. Seven years ago this wouldn’t have knocked my socks off as I was an independent, single lady that was accustom to hanging my own everything’s. I must admit though, since Trent has come along his handiness has caused me to be a little lazy. Since there is SO much to be done in this house, I realized I need to be doing more of the hands on business. With that being said, I present exhibit A: A beautiful curtain rod, beautifully hung by yours truly in our guest bedroom!

I forgot to snap pics of our bedroom curtains, but you’ll see them soon enough.

This morning our very full dumpster was swapped out with a new empty one. Thank goodness! We have been producing a lot of trash lately. Those bar stools alone were packaged in at least three trees worth of cardboard…


We are currently in route to East Texas for Trent’s little sister’s wedding. Though we are losing a full weekend of house productivity, we are looking forward to celebrating and enjoying our first weekend off in over a month! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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