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Days 35-39: Kitchen progress!

So we were out of town some of these days, but since we’ve been back lots has been accomplished.

During our drive home from Dallas on Sunday, we discussed taking turns push mowing our huge front yard since we don’t own a riding lawn mower yet. We had not done anything with the grass since we closed on the house over a month ago, and the recent rain had turned it into a jungle. To our surprise, when we pulled into the driveway after our long drive was complete, our neighbor was zipping around our yard with his riding lawn mower! Talk about an awesome neighbor! Since he had done us such a service, we decided to spend a little time outside cleaning up our construction zone. Trent also got inspired to take down the horrendous ground cover once and for all. We have tried several things in the past that just haven’t done the trick, so Trent wasn’t messing around this time. He whipped out our little push mower and went to town! He had to restart it only about 100 times, but finally got the whole thing mowed.



Conleigh and I played while this dirty endeavor took place.



I am SO glad to see that ground cover gone. I am aware that it does not necessarily look better now, but it WILL! Trent also removed the funky blue “fencing” from the porch area, so it is truly a blank slate now.



We finally got our ceiling fan installed, along with a new spotlight.


Spotlights are usually hideous so we thought of drywalling over the existing electrical. When we realized how much light we would be losing we decided we needed to find some sort of fixture that we could live with. I was so pleased to stumble upon this gem at Home Depot.

It matches our fan and is going to look great with the pendant lights that we are going to hang over the bar. Though I prefer Lowes for most things, Home Depot is definitely the place to buy light fixtures. They have a much larger variety than Lowes.

The last few nights Trent has dedicated his time to the kitchen. THANK GOODNESS. A week with just a microwave and a fridge is the breaking point for me. I am ready to eat some real food, by golly!

The far left will be our pantry and our fridge will go into the big opening beside that.


Trent built a frame for our future bar. He drilled the frame to the floor and then drilled the cabinets to the frame. This will prevent the bar from moving around since these cabinets are not attached to walls like the rest of them are.



You can finally get an idea of what our kitchen is going to look like.




The kitchen is coming along well, and I actually heard Trent say that Ikea did a good job with the pictures and installation instructions. Those of you that have assembled an Ikea product can probably agree that this is an unusual statement. I think he has inhaled too many Ikea fumes ;).

Unfortunately our renovation budget did not include the bathrooms, but fortunately the bathrooms were not that bad. Since we have to live with them the way they are for a bit, I decided to install some new hardware on the cabinets in our bathroom.



I am currently in the process of changing out the old painted over hinges for new brushed nickel hinges. FYI, getting hinges off that have been painted over is a royal pain. I have said some very un lady like things to these hinges while trying to pry them off. In an effort to not teach my daughter a naughty word, I am waiting for Trent to get home to assist me.

Happy hump day!

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