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Pergola reveal!

After a couple of weeks of hard work, our pergola is finally completed! We have been here almost a year, and have never really had a good outdoor space to hang out in other than the pool. This pergola was just what we needed to make this house feel like a home! We have been spending lots of time out here lately, and I bring this blog to you from under the pergola 🙂 

Here’s a reminder of what the back of the house looked like when we bought it last August: 

These are after Trent demolished the addition: 

Drumroll please 🎶🎵🎼🎊🎉…

And after the pergola: 


Pretty neat, huh?!?! 

I had no part in this other than a fair share of the wood staining and kid watching while Trent built it, but it wasn’t that difficult of a project from what I am told. Don’t get me wrong, this is probably not a project for the unskilled DIYer, but definitely doable for those that are handy. It’s amazing to me that a structure like this can be built by just one person. Aside from the staining, Trent was able to get this thing finished in about a week, working several hours in the evenings after work and most the day on Saturday and Sunday. Our next project is to stain the concrete slab under the pergola. We stained the front and back porch at our last house and it made a HUGE impact, so I can’t wait to see how great it makes this space look!

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