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Exterior updates

Though the house is far from picture perfect on the outside, we have conquered several major exterior projects over the last 6 months or so. 

Unfortunately some of these projects were unforeseen. We had to cut down 3 of our big trees 😢 . Two were filled with termites and rotting away, while another was about to fall on our neighbors fence. Trent cut down the ivy infested tree that was in front of the far left window and we hired a tree company to cut down the other two as they were hanging over our house and our neighbors fence.   

Trent cut down the MASSIVE stump in our backyard. Sounds simple enough but this thing was a beast and took him about 6 hours to get down. He built a fire pit around the stump and caught it on fire to remove it. Between the 3 trees that we cut down and this stump, it’s safe to say we have enough firewood to get us through next winter. 

 We FINALLY eradicated the front bed of English Ivy. We never expected that to be such a project and are glad it is over with. Think twice before planting that stuff! We have currently landscaped half of the area and are in the process of completing the other half. Eventually there will be a flagstone walkway in the middle of the bed.   
Trent installed our pool safety fence and we did some landscaping around it.  
Trent relocated the pool equipment that was in the worst place EVER to begin with. If you weren’t aware already, this guy is handy. Relocating the equipment involved plumbing, electrical, concrete work and some MAJOR digging, and he did a flawless job all by himself!  
 Trent and my dad worked for 12 hours straight one Sunday a few months back and installed siding and trim on the backside of our house. We literally lived with an unfinished backside of our house for like 5 months prior to this. Pretttttty ghetto, huh? It still needs to be painted but has come a LONG way from the photos below. 






 Just recently Trent finished replacing all roofing that was damaged/missing from the addition demo and installed the fascia and soffits. We are almost ready for exterior paint! 





Here are some photos from different angles to see what we are working with now.  

Excuse our temporary tent – it is our only current refuge from the sun in the backyard. This backyard gets full afternoon sun so if you are not in the pool, you are baking. With that being said, Trent has begun one of our latest projects: the pergola! The pergola will cover the back porch where the old addition used to be. We are so excited for the completion of this project! Not only will it be attractive, but extremely functional in this extreme Texas heat. Updates to come soon! I promise 😉. 

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